Studio art classes get creative with COVID-19 precautions

Photo provided by: Dr. Grant Taylor

By: Chloe Kline, ’21 staff writer

With a split between online and in-person students and pandemic precautions in place, studio art classes have had to adapt to the new way of learning.

Certain classrooms have enough space for students to social distance, but for those that do not, classes have been split into two groups that meet separately. All classes have the option to meet over Zoom or check for lectures on Canvas.

Students both on and off-campus have received art materials so that they may complete their projects without having to be in the classroom, or in the case that they become ill and must self-isolate. With most classes being taught in real-time via Zoom, many online students also have the option to join in with their classmates’ discussions and tutorials.

“It is difficult to manage both online and in-person students in real-time (synchronously) and it is more work overall, but I believe providing a window into the studio for online students is very important,“ Dr. Grant Taylor, professor of art and creative arts department head, said. “I want this population of students to feel included and be able to see their peer’s work.”

Taylor, professor for Drawing Studio: The Figure and Photography Studio: Digital, allowed students to work outside as well. Outdoor classes give students the option to spend more time apart in a more well-ventilated area, and give them the opportunity to do outdoor fieldwork.

Studio classes follow all policies and protocols set in place by LVC.