Breaking the Stigma of Tutoring

Students in the Center for Academic Success.

Bailey Thumm ’22, staff writer

The Center for Academic Success (CAS) goes above and beyond to make sure its students succeed in rigorous courses; however, negative connotations surrounding tutoring can affect whether a student takes advantage of the services offered.

Hannah Stone ’16, LVC’s Academic Success Specialist, is on a mission to break that stigma.  Her responsibility at the CAS is to meet with students who need support in certain areas that affect academics such as time management, studying, note-taking and organizational skills. She also focuses on helping students adapt from high school expectations to college expectations.

“To me, breaking the stigma means that if somebody is using a tutor, a study pod, or meeting with me there is no implication of them being stupid or dumb,” Stone said. “And there is no shame associated with using our services and resources.”

The CAS is trying to normalize the idea that college is hard for everybody and using the tutoring services included in one’s tuition is a smart idea.

“We are promoting our services in a really positive way by highlighting how a lot of tutors are people who have either used tutoring or get tutored in other classes,” Stone said.

Stone went on to say that the CAS is using its Instagram page to break the stigma by emphasizing the benefits of tutoring.

“We are making ourselves approachable and presenting ourselves as people first, instead of just staff members, in hopes that people feel comfortable, get to know us, and even get to know tutors as people,” Stone said.

Stone does believe the stigma behind tutoring will always be an issue, but she thinks the CAS at LVC is tackling it very well.

Stone offers advice for a student who is unsure of whether to get a tutor.

“Just try it and see if it helps,” she said. “By requesting a tutor or going to a study pod, you are not being locked into a contract that says you have to go to every study pod or meet with a tutor all semester.”

LVC’s CAS is here to help, ensuring students are welcomed by their peers and helped with individual needs.