The write place to be at LVC

By: Raeann Walquist ’20, staff writer

The Green Blotter Literary Society is looking for creative student writers to submit their work for this year’s literary magazine.

Green Blotter is a student-run magazine that accepts creative writing submissions from any undergraduate student. These submissions are combined with photos and artwork, also submitted by students, to create a final product.  The magazine is a great place for students to get their work out into the world for the first time. Paige Bryson, a junior English major, serves as the managing editor for Green Blotter.

“It is a great opportunity to have your work published,” Bryson said. “It gives authors and artists a place to share their work with others.”

While Green Blotter is a literary magazine, the magazine also needs more visual submissions to create their final product.

“We are always particularly in need of visual arts submissions, so we encourage artists to take a few minutes to share their work with us,” Sally Clark, advisor of the Literary Society, said.

The magazine is not only seeking submissions but also for more students to get involved. There are a variety of ways to get involved based on personal interests.

“We also welcome any students who would like to join us and be part of the process,” Clark said. “We need people to read submissions, evaluate art and photography, help with our webpage and social media, help design the print version on InDesign and work their way onto our editing team.”

Working on the magazine has been a positive experience for many students in their career at LVC. Many students find it to be a great creative outlet that they would not have had otherwise.

“We get to pull together writing and art from all over the world and craft a magazine for others to enjoy,” Bryson said. “I think other students would enjoy it because it demonstrates the amount of work that goes into something you care about and something you’re creating for others.”

Green Blotter will accept submissions through February 15, 2018. For guidelines and submission requirements, please visit