German Club to return to LVC

By: Julie Wiker, Special Contributor

A foreign language club with a long history at LVC will return after two years of absence.

German Club was first founded in 1930 with the name “Der Deutsche Verein” and staged plays and activities related to German culture and language. The last time it was active was in spring 2016.

“I have been at LVC for eight years and it must be much older,” Dr. Joerg Meindl, associate professor of German and adviser of German Club, said.

He hopes to reintroduce German Club next spring. Three students are helping to revive it.

In past years, German Club has sold advent calendars, held movie nights, eaten at German restaurants and helped with the Halloween Pumpkin Run. The spring schedule will be decided by the club.

“The club decides, but I think of German Day for high schools, game nights, cooperation with international honors society, movies, [and] excursions,” Meindl said.

Meindl believes German Club is important to have at LVC not only because it’s fun, but also because it will make LVC’s German program more visible to potential students.

“People will make friends, have fun, and engage with the language. It will help get others excited about German,” said Meindl. To learn more about German Club, contact Dr. Meindl at