Being a resident assistant during a pandemic

photo provided by Chloe Kline

By: Chloe Kline ’21 Staff Writer 

With social distancing procedures in place, resident assistants have come up with creative ways to allow residents to socialize. 

While freshmen and sophomores usually meet one-on-one with their RAs in person, social distancing constraints in some dorm rooms have made it unsafe for a few. However, with Zoom being utilized recently, online communication has become easier. 

The usual programming that goes on in dorm common areas is another casualty of the pandemic. Luckily, many RAs have worked around this by hosting Zoom events and planning for future events when the weather is not as cold. 

“When it is nice outside, we can do programs and events for residents outside, so I am looking forward to warmer and sunnier days to do programs outdoors,” Hannah Heagerty, senior sociology major and RA in Funkhouser Hall, said. 

Heagerty also had open Zoom hours to connect with residents over break as socialization is important. She voiced her concern with not being able to collaborate with RAs in other buildings on programming for her residents due to COVID-19 restrictions, but knows it is for the best. 

“I know no one can really make COVID leave but I do have faith for the RAs this semester and for future semesters to come,” Heagerty said. 

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