Check The Scouting Report

By: Zack Kime ’22, staff writer  

An LVC student found a love for talking sports and plans to utilize his major to make it more than just a hobby.  

Sophomore computer and data science major, Sam Long, has decided to start a podcast revolving around the topic of sports.  

Long said after watching plenty of other shows in the space, he kept coming back to the idea of the revolving cast, like the one highlighted in The Bill Simmons Podcast.  

“I’d like to have a recurring pool of guests to choose from so I’m rarely doing this alone, but I don’t have a consistent co-host,” Long said. “I want the conversations to be off the cuff yet still insightful, interesting, and relevant.” 

He plans to call his show “The Scouting Report,” and it will be available on all platforms, with episodes releasing weekly every Sunday night.  

Each episode will revolve around a particular sport or current topic in sports, making sure there’s something for every kind of audience member.  

“Being able to feature my teammates, family, and friends on here will give me a variety of perspectives,” Long said. “Providing a breakdown of game film and giving credible insight are two of my biggest priorities.”  

Additionally, Long plans to utilize his dependable knowledge of statistics, combined with his firsthand experience being a member of the men’s lacrosse team here at LVC, to provide his audience with a unique point of view no matter the subject.  

“Having this sports podcast quickly went from something I did to pass the time, to a product I really enjoy working on,” Long said.  

The topic for the first official show is slated to feature various greatest quarterback of all-time arguments, and the audience will see how the mightiest QB’s of today stack up to the greats from decades ago.  

Check out “The Scouting Report” today, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more!