2020 vision

Spencer Paterick `21 Assistant Editor

In my last couple weeks as an undergraduate student I have been filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and nostalgia.

This Thanksgiving, when I asked myself “what am I thankful for?”

Like I have heard many others respond, the first thing that popped into my head was “I am thankful that this year is almost over.” 

While this might seem like an appropriate answer given our current situation in a global pandemic, it goes against everything that I have learned since mid-March.

From sports broadcasts to talk shows, it is nearly impossible to turn on the television without hearing the phrase “2020 has been a tough year for everyone.” But then again, life is full of challenges. The difficulty and struggles should not be downplayed. But we must not dwell on them, we have to learn from the experiences 

We surely won’t soon forget that this year has brought about many new challenges, but if this idea is constantly forced upon us, how will we keep a positive mindset? It is important not to focus on the negatives, but to learn from them. 

Homecoming weekend, summer concerts, family vacations, holidays with families, in-person learning. These are all on the list of things that have been taken away this year.

While we missed out on things that we have been accustomed to doing, we have also been able to spend our time in different, and more often than not, more meaningful ways.

For many people, summer meant spending time at home with family that they would not have gotten to otherwise. 

This time has led us to appreciate what we have been dealt, and not simply wish for it to be over. If we spent our lives wishing time to go faster, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to reflect and reminisce.

I am not thankful for this pandemic in any sense, but I am incredibly grateful for the perspective that I gained during the past nine months. 

One thing that college students are told is that college will be one of the greatest times of your life, and to make sure that you take any opportunity to enjoy every moment. Very rarely are with handed such an opportunity to hit “pause” to actually stop, reflect and appreciate our experiences.

Throughout this pandemic I have been able to find a deeper appreciation for my time at LVC, and things I have missed out on this year.