The Admission Guys podcast

EJ Smith and Cole Godfrey record an episode for The Admission Guys podcast.

Bailey Thumm ’22, Staff writer

LVC Admissions now has a podcast to help prospective students and parents navigate the college search process.

EJ Smith, associate director of admission and recruitment, and Cole Godfrey, assistant director of admission, created the podcast called The Admission Guys. The first episode aired on Sept.14. The podcast has a five-star rating.

It was a collaborative idea that they had been thinking about doing for quite some time.

“This just seemed like the right time to help students with the disruption in their education due to the virus,” Smith said.

Godfrey then discussed what topics listeners can expect to hear in the new podcast.

“Scholarships, the SAT, college athletics, financial aid, career preparation and development, parent engagement, how to pick the right school, picking the right major, “how to nail the in-person college interview” and many more for the future,” Godfrey said.

“Cole keeps things light and is easy to work with. It also gives us the opportunity to help students and families that we probably couldn’t reach otherwise,” Smith said when asked about his favorite part of recording the podcast.

They were both asked to tell us in one sentence why prospective students and their parents should listen to the podcast.

“We make the college admissions process easy to understand and less stressful through our approach to educate and entertain,” Godfrey said.

“It is fun and informational, and our hope is that we are assisting students to navigate the road to their futures,” Smith said.

A new episode airs every first and third Thursday of the month. The average podcast is about 20 minutes long. The podcast can be streamed on Apple, Spotify, anchor, Google Podcasts, Breaker and Pocket Casts.