Virtual exchange internship

Branden Matassa ’22, staff writer

LVC is partnering with Outreach360 for a virtual exchange internship.

Outreach360 is an international volunteer organization that works to provide enhanced educational opportunities to children living in underserved areas of Latin America.

The internship is built upon small-group conversations in both English and Spanish. The program is an opportunity for students to engage with students throughout Latin America and helps both English speaking and Spanish speaking students gain knowledge about the other language.

The programs last from Jan. 23 to April 24. Sessions occur every Saturday and last two hours. Any college students and high school students from grades 10-12 are eligible for enrollment.

“The deadline for registering is fast approaching on November 30.” Jennifer Liedtka, LVC service and volunteerism coordinator, said.

Small group Spanish conversations will be the focus of the second half of Saturday sessions. During this time, Spanish speaking students have the opportunity to talk about their country’s food, geography, slangs and other aspects of their culture.

The virtual exchange internship is a part of Outreach360’s Virtual Impact Program. LVC has partnered with Outreach360 in the past for in-person service trip opportunities.