Spring ’21 sports

Provided by Athletic Communications

Dylan Baxter ’21 staff writer

As the spread of COVID-19 swarms around campuses, forcing schools to go remote and canceling fall sports, the question remains how this might affect extracurricular activities in the spring.?

“We aren’t sure what the spring is going to be like in terms of being on campus or participating in sports,” Dre Burch, a senior football player, said. “Earlier in the fall the plan for the spring was for the football team to have at least four games in the spring but since being sent home due to COVID-19 we aren’t really sure what is going to happen.”

Coaches for all sport teams have been working tirelessly trying to figure out the schedule for the spring sports being played

“Our football coaches have been staying in touch with us but there isn’t really anything they can do at this point,” Burch said. “Obviously, if we aren’t allowed back on campus in the spring then none of the spring sports will be played including the four games of football.”

With the rise in COVID-19 cases it is unsure if there will be a return to campus in the spring or not.

“The only advice that I have is to stay healthy and follow the guidelines to prevent COVID-19,” Burch added. “If everyone can stay healthy and stay safe then all the spring sports will be able to continue playing the games, they love in the spring semester.”

Classes are said to begin Tuesday Jan 26 if all goes according to plan.