Pizza with Professionals at LVC

By: Tyler Nell ’21, Staff Writer

What could be better than receiving career advice with a side of pizza?

Pizza with Professionals is a regular event on campus where business leaders and professionals come to tell students about stories about their business and give students advice on how to be just as successful.

“I went to one a couple weeks ago and it was a great experience,” Nicholas Simon, sophomore physical therapy major, said. “Always nice to hear from successful members of our society and the advice they have for college students.”

There was a past Pizza with Professionals event with Clark Associates held via Webex. Pizza with professionals is held once every month with professionals across all career fields, providing an opportunity for students to learn and network.

Given the current COVID-19 regulations, these events will be held via Webex or Zoom. There will be another Pizza with Professionals event surrounding MBA degrees held Tuesday, October 27, at 11am via Webex. The event can be reached here: