Athletes mask up to ensure campus safety

By: Zack Kime ’22, Staff Writer

An athlete’s job is to overcome any challenge that a coach or opponent throws their way. Recently the athletes at LVC have been forced to face a new one.

As mask wearing has quickly become the new norm, businesses and schools have adopted their own rules and regulations about wearing them.

With a wide array of mask options available, it’s clear that each athlete holds their own preference. Logan Reever, LVC’s interim head strength and conditioning coach, also gave his thoughts on what masks are the least weight when exercising.

“Surgical masks seem to be the lightest, but they come at the cost of being disposable,” Reever said. “If you can get a cloth one, it’ll typically feel nicer and you’ll be able to use it over again.”

Factors that played into the team’s decision making ranged from comfort level, to appearance, to temperature control while exercising.

Lacrosse senior midfielder Michael Fisher wears a buff-style mask that he says is convenient.

“Anytime I want a drink or need a breath while we’re working out, I just pull it down it for a second and I’m good to go,” Fisher said.

There are also masks designed with moisture wicking qualities to help prevent sweating and discomfort. These are typically made out of a dry-fit material and come at a higher cost than generic masks.

Lacrosse junior goalie Nick Serrano wears that type of mask.

“It’s just another precaution we as athletes have to take and I think it’s all about doing your part,” Serrano said.

As various other sports teams have returned to the weight room, there’s been many different colors and styles of masks on display. And while each athlete may have their own feelings about wearing one, they’re all doing their part to keep LVC safe.