Students maintain friendships during pandemic

by Page Olsen ’20, Staff Writer 

Stay-at-home orders and moving to online classes have pushed students to connect to friends in new ways. 

For those graduating in particular, saying goodbye to fellow LVC students was difficult. What was supposed to be a four-year experience not only learning, but developing friendships, was cut short due to COVID-19. 

“Leaving my friends early honestly has the be one of the hardest things I have ever been faced with,” Paige Bryson, a senior English and business administration major, said. “To go from thinking I had eight more weeks with my favorite people, to finding out we had three days, was devastating. My forever friends are at LVC. Leaving them early wasn’t easy.” 

While social media and smart phones are already ingrained in American culture, relationships are more dependent on technology than ever before. 

“Being torn away from my friends so soon was definitely a challenge at first, but technology has been really great,” Allyson Butz, a senior early childhood education major, said. “I could not imagine if we had no way to keep in touch with friends virtually and see them. Therefore, Zoom, WebEx, FaceTime and so much more have been able to keep me connected virtually with my friends which is a great blessing!” 

Students shared that these relationships are helping them through this time. 

“I’m grateful that so many of us can be in touch with each other and that everyone I know is safe and healthy,” Bryson said. “It sucks that we are all isolated at home.” 

“I would love to be back on campus, but taking time daily to be text, write a letter— I love snail mail— or catch up with friends has helped me find blessings in this time apart and isolated from friends,” Butz said. 

For readers who may be struggling during this time of isolation, consider reaching out to a fellow student. They might appreciate a chat as well!