Physical therapy student continues study abroad classes at home

by Page Olsen ’20, Staff Writer

Harry Olsen, a second year physical therapy student, is continuing his physics, health and art science classes that he began in New Zealand.

Classes started for Olsen in the beginning of March at the University of Waikato. Due to COVID-19, he returned back to Pennsylvania on March 25. However, like other LVC students, his courses continue online.

“On top of a disappointing end to a trip, continuing my school with online classes has been a difficult process,” Olsen said. “It is difficult because of the lack of in-person learning which is much easier to learn with.”

Olsen’s classes are composed of pre-recorded lectures and occasional live meetings with professors or tutors, in addition to written assignments and tests. 

Despite decreased contact, Olsen did note that his physics professor has been especially helpful with this transition for international students.

“The pre-recorded lectures are convenient because I can watch them when I want, but I can’t stay as focused and get more easily distracted,” Olsen said. “I can’t take as much away from them.”

Olsen likes that he has more control over his schedule. However, the convenience of online learning does not brighten the situation much. 

“New Zealand was too short,” Olsen said. “The time that I had there was fantastic and I would do it again, even if it only lasted a short amount of time.” 

Olsen is already looking to potentially return to New Zealand after the end of the pandemic, though not with LVC.