Coronavirus shutdown cancels traditional “Green Blotter” layout meeting

By Kayleigh Johnson ‘22, staff writer 

The senior editors of “Green Blotter” Literary Magazine had to do the layout of the magazine with only their assistants and advisor Sally Clark this year, instead of with the whole club. 

Traditionally, all members of the club would gather at Clark’s house to help lay out the magazine and celebrate another successful year of the magazine together. However, due to the coronavirus shutdown, that was not possible this year.  

“It is really sad that we had to do the layout meeting the way we did,” Paige Bryson, managing editor, said. “Normally we would all gather at Sally’s for brunch and enjoy each other’s company, but this year we had to do it in a little haste and without the tradition of going to Sally’s. Seeing that this is my last layout ever, it makes me sad that we did not get the normal experience.” 

In the end, the editors were able to finish the magazine and get it to print on time, but not without some sacrifices. 

“I had to find the time to put the whole thing together in Adobe InDesign in the midst of a busy home environment, and after completing the first initial draft, there were a handful of problems that needed to be fixed,” Michaela May, design and art editor, said. 

The editors had to meet on short notice in order to finalize the magazine before the digital layout. 

“We learned a few days before [the meeting at Clark’s] that we would need to leave campus, so only the editors and assistant editors could be there to finish layout,” Rachael Speck, poetry editor, said. “I’m sad that we missed getting everyone together to do layout. It’s really a culmination of all of the hard work everyone has done throughout the year, but I’m glad we were still able to put together a magazine that all of us can be proud of.” 

Thankfully, the magazine is still available for viewing.  

“Although I am disheartened that our launch party is postponed, I am very excited that our magazine has a virtual copy that the world can see,” said Lauren Sigmon, prose editor. “We may be apart, but I am glad that we can all come together virtually in order to see our final product.” 

View “Green Blotter” 2020 here. Students can pick up physical copies of the literary magazine upon their return to campus. Physical copies will be mailed to graduating seniors who participated in its publication.