Adapting to online learning

Spencer Paterick `21 Assistant Editor

As social distancing guidelines remain in place, the end of the semester nears.

A little more than a month ago, LVC students were suddenly informed that the rest of the semester would take place through online methods. While no one was quite prepared for the current situation, both students and professors had to quickly adapt to this new form of learning.

“At first it was really difficult,” Matt Blocksom, a senior business major, said. “I felt like I was checking my emails and online platforms all the time worried about missing work. With that being said, teachers are doing all they can to be fair and understanding which has made it much more manageable over the last couple of weeks.”

Professors and students alike were blindsided by the COVID-19 situation. Professors only had a couple of days to revamp their course material for the remainder of the semester in order to ensure that students were able to maintain their educational experience.

“Online classes were tough to adjust to at first for both the student and the professor but after about a week or so I started to get into a routine,” Jenna Lysakowski, a third-year Physical Therapy major said. “I prefer going to class for the person-to-person interaction instead of sitting behind a computer screen. But we will all get through this together and I’m learning a lot of things at home that I might not have necessarily learned at school”

Not only has this been a drastic change in scenery for students, but also for professors, who had to find a way to translate traditional face-to-face interaction into a meaningful online experience.

As this semester comes to a close, both students and professors are hoping for the opportunity to return to normal next semester. While only time will tell when the world will bounce back, the LVC community remains strong during this unprecedented time.