Athletic training student working on the field

By Lauren Schrott ’21, Special Contributor

Kaylee Scheirer, a junior exercise science major, was offered a position with the football team as a hydration specialist in the fall of 2020.

Scheirer, who is also pursuing a master’s degree in athletic training (AT) here at LVC, was later offered a position with the school’s lacrosse team as well. However, the current COVID-19 pandemic cut that short.

“The job I was given allows me to observe athletic trainers’ work firsthand,” Scheirer said. “I can discuss and ask questions to the athletic trainers and the AT students while they’re working, which really helps me understand why and how they’re doing something.”

Scheirer loves her job, and although she’s getting experience in her desired career field, there’s still a cost that comes with it.

“Balancing schoolwork is one of the biggest challenges I face,” she said. “The athletic trainers, specifically Megan Streisel, are amazing and always check in to see how we are doing and make sure we aren’t overworking ourselves. They appreciate our help and are always looking out for us.”

Sheirer said that the challenges pay off in the end when the athletic training students get to use their studies in real life and on the field, and although the position is paid, Scheirer does not view her job as work. She loves attending both the practices and the games, which can make for some unforgettable memories.

“My favorite memory is the LVC against Misericordia football game this past fall [2019 season] when the boys went into 4OT,” Scherier said. “Every practice I work, I see the talent and ability of our football team. They may have lost that game, but there was nothing to be ashamed of.  They played with all their heart and soul, and they did not go down without a fight.  The energy on the field that day was a true display of Dutchmen pride.”

The passion Scheirer shows for her job is a true reflection of not only her character but what a true Dutchman is, hardworking and passionate. The experiences she made will forever be a part of her and her memory.