Donating to those in need

By Michaela May ’20, Assistant Editor 

Staying at home and figuring out how to get essential supplies such as food, toiletries and other necessary items has become the new normal in the past month as COVID-19 has shaken up people’s normal routines. 

However, while many have been able to utilize services such as having groceries delivered to their houses and stocking up on supplies, others haven’t been so lucky. With people continuously being laid off, having more family members home at all hours, needing to cook three meals a day and more problems like these, it is no surprise that people do not all have the means to provide for their families. 

For those of us privileged enough to still be able to live comfortably, wanting to help those in need is a natural response.  

Checking with local food banks and food pantries to see if there is a shortage of supplies is a good place to start. Knowing what exactly is needed can guide you the next time you order your groceries or make a run to the store. You may be able to pick up a few extra jars of peanut butter, canned goods or cereal boxes, depending on what these specific places may need.  

Another area to look into donating to is the animal shelters in your area. While many of them are no longer open to the public on a regular basis, the animals still need their own essential items. Some local shelters will also give to those in need, which is especially important to consider at this time. Contact these places and see if there is a shortage of wet food, dry food, litter or other items. 

Some places may prefer a monetary donation rather than physical items. Many organizations, local and national, are accepting these types of donations to assist in their efforts, and if this is the case, this is always a way to contribute as well. Some of these organizations include the CDC Foundation, Feeding America and Meals on Wheels. 

Not everyone has the means to help others at this time. However, those who are lucky enough to not be financially affected by this crisis should extend their efforts towards others in some form. Look out for others and know that you are making a difference in someone’s life.