Passion for volunteering: Brandon Roy

Photo provided by Brandon Roy

By Megan Finlan ’21, staff writer

After coming to Lebanon Valley College in the fall of 2016, Brandon Roy found his passion not only in his academics, but through participating in over 100 hours of volunteer work.

Throughout his four years at LVC, Roy has dedicated his time to his studies and helping others through multiple volunteer projects. He primarily worked with the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA) based out of Lebanon where he packed and sorted medical supplies, assembled furniture, such as cribs, and did some heavy lifting loading supplies for their transport to Africa.

“My time with AFCA gave me much more back than what I put in,” Roy said. “When you volunteer, there is this sensation that only the action itself can reveal, and I felt it every time. The amount of supplies that the organization gets to Africa is amazing and I was so happy to have just a small part in volunteering there.”

This past summer, Roy attended Cornell University where he interned with Cornell AgriTech. He focused on plant pathology which is the study of diseases in plants caused by pathogens and environmental conditions. During this internship, Roy had the opportunity to experience the extension work the college was doing with elementary schools to teach students about the department.

“At Cornell, I only got to witness others doing extension work, but I knew that I wanted to try it,” Roy said. “After reaching out to professors in the science department, Tri-Beta was able to organize the first Annville School District 6th Grade STEM field trip. This experience was able to tie together my past internship and volunteer experience into one bundle.”

Along with his volunteer work with AFCA and on campus, Roy also participated in an Outreach360 program teaching English in the Dominican Republic over spring break in 2019, and he served meals at the Breaking Bread Food Pantry in Harrisburg.

 “Volunteering while in school helped me to understand others,” Roy said. “I was able to meet so many other people from other walks of life and it allowed me to understand my place in the world.”

Roy is now preparing for graduation in May where he’ll receive his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry & molecular biology. His next step is graduate school at Cornell University where he aspires to teach in a college setting.