Senior Spotlight: Gridiron Graduate

By Keegan Corwell ’21 staff writer  

After completing his collegiate career this fall, leaving behind a legacy as well as countless records, senior Hunter Wilson looks ahead to graduation this spring.  

However, Wilson’s time on the football field may not be over yet. After racking up more than 900 yards and total touchdowns, Wilson attracted the attention of multiple professional organizations. 

“I’ve been contacted by officials from the XFL and invited to a few different tryouts,” Wilson said. “It’s really a blessing to have these opportunities.”  

Wilson was also scheduled to attend a pro day to be evaluated by officials from organizations like the NFL, XFL and CFL.  

However, if football doesn’t work out, Wilson hopes to put his degree in business administration to good use.  

“I’d like to work for a reputable and successful company that has significant potential for vertical movement and secure a job in management,” Wilson said.

With all the looming excitement of a professional career in either football or business, it may seem hard to look back with such a promising future. However, Wilson expressed genuine emotion when thinking about his time at LVC.  

“I’ll miss the people the most, everyone is close and supportive, and I have created so many lifelong friendships that I couldn’t have found anywhere else,” he said. “Not being surrounded by my friends is going to be one of the most challenging things I’ll have to face after college.” 

Whether it be on the field or in the career field, Wilson’s work ethic, personality and passion will help him succeed.