Pa moves primary election, reminds voting options

By: Huntre Keip ’20, Editor in Chief

The journey of a presidential election is always bumpy, but this election cycle is a bit derailed. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pennsylvania among other states postponed its primary elections. 

The commonwealth’s election was set for April 26, but due to the recent quarantine extension, it was moved to June 2. 

While the closeness between election may cause chaos, it grants more time for last minute voter registration and mail in ballot applications. 

PA residents must register to vote 15 days before election, so the new deadline is Monday, May 18. 

The state’s Voter Services Department urges voters to submit absentee or mail in ballots as a precaution to the spread of COVID-19.

Fortunately, in Oct. 2019, Act 77 was passed which permits any registered voter to mail in a vote without a special excuse. 

There is a difference between absentee and mail in ballots. An absentee ballot is for registered voters who will be out of their designated municipality due to work or school purposes, or an illness or disability. Mail in ballots serve for registered voters not eligible for an absentee ballot but prefer to a mail in vote rather than attending a polling place. 

Mail in ballots do not require an excuse as opposed to an absentee ballot. 

Voters who prefer a mail in ballot must submit an application by April 21. 

Completed ballots must be returned to the voter’s county courthouse.

For more information on the mail in option, visit