Music majors working with new ways of learning

By Michaela May ’20, Assistant Editor

Due to COVID-19 causing concern over the safety of students and faculty, LVC officially switched to remote, online classes starting Wednesday, March 19.

Although all are aware of the importance of staying isolated during this period, students in certain majors are struggling to continue their classwork online because of no longer having some of the necessary resources to complete it. Students in the music major, who can concentrate in music, music business, music education and audio and music production, are among those in that category.

“There’s no cohesive plan of action,” CJ Kucier, a freshman audio and music production major, said. “Everyone is doing something different. There is no solid way we’re doing lessons.”

Kucier added that seniors who need recital credits to graduate are being told to hold their recitals over Skype. He said that AMP majors were also sent a link to free Pro Tools, which are tools that allow devices to communicate with one another. This will allow them to continue some, if not all, of the work they had done while at school.

“It’s fine for now,” Kucier said. “It’s just a little user-hostile.”

The students in these majors are doing their best with the new and sudden changes, citing that some of their professors are still figuring out how to put their classes online, including lessons and classes such as orchestra. Some instruments were allowed to go home with students while others were not, creating difficulty for those who rely on the school’s instruments to continue their private studies.

“There’s a lot of factors,” Meredith Sapp, a sophomore audio and music production major, said. “It’s not a great situation, but we have to make do at this point.”

Sapp said that she feels for students who are in more physically artistic majors since there is not much that they have access to right now.

The spring semester will not continue on LVC’s campus. Professors and students of all majors are encouraged to communicate with one another on how to proceed with courses.