Quadratics and quarterbacks

By Keegan Corwell ’21, staff writer

In the fall on any given Saturday afternoon, you can find Kody Kegarise under center, leading the Dutchmen at quarterback. However, for the rest of the week, you can catch him in various study rooms working away to graduate with his double major.

Kody Kegarise is an actuarial science and economics dual major at LVC and starts at quarterback for the flying Dutchmen. This seems like a daunting task to most students or student-athletes who typically only carry one major during their college career. One may wonder how Kody has time for anything else.

“The hardest part about it really is time management,” Kegarise said. “Football is physically and mentally challenging, and sometimes I have to sacrifice my free time to get my homework done, but I always can find a little time to do things I enjoy.”

Although the path he chose may be tough, Kegarise always sees the positives in the situations he is put in.

“This whole experience is so rewarding,” he said. “I’m accomplishing something that most people haven’t. I’m setting myself up for a great career, and I get to play the game that I love.”

Time is winding down on Kegarise’s career at LVC as he enters his senior year next fall. He hopes to find a job in the area after graduation working as an actuary at an insurance company.

Hopefully, Kegarise’s hard work and determination on and off the field pays off, and he becomes yet another LVC success story.