Admissions office adjusts amid remote environment

By Megan Finlan ’21, staff writer

Despite the postponement of LVC Live and the inability to welcome prospective students to campus during the upcoming weeks, the LVC admissions office is still working hard to provide the best services they can to prospective and accepted students through online platforms.

After announcing that all classes would move to remote learning, LVC also announced that only essential personnel would continue to work on campus, with all other staff beginning to work remotely on March 16. The quick changing environment forced many offices on campus to adapt and adjust their work, including the Office of Admissions.

Despite these adjustments, the admissions office will continue to provide services to prospective students through online platforms. The office is in the process of training all admissions counselors on Zoom and plans to use the program to have virtual meetings and speak to multiple students at one time if necessary.

“Everything is fluid, so we are adjusting on the fly,” Ed Wright, Vice President of Enrollment Management, said. “Obviously we want students who have not committed to have the opportunity to ask questions and feel comfortable before they commit.”

While everything gets adjusted in the office for day-to-day tasks, questions still surround LVC Live and what its postponement means for admitted students who were registered for the event.

As of right now, no new date has been set for the event. The office is currently exploring the option of moving the event to a virtual format due to the constant changes in the COVID-19 situation on campus. Wright explained that there would be no advertisement for how the event will move forward until the office is comfortable with one of the options being a reality.

“Not having LVC Live was a huge setback, no doubt,” Cole Godfrey, Assistant Director of Admissions, said. “Live is such a great day to have, and it really helps students solidify their decision to come to LVC in the fall. I feel very bad for the students who planned on attending Live and haven’t been to campus before.”

Before the move to remote learning, Godfrey was involved in an interview process with prospective Valley Ambassadors for the upcoming year. This process has also been moved to an online platform. Godfrey, along with other admissions staff and current Valley Ambassadors, will move forward with these interviews by conducting them with the use of Zoom.

“Our main value is helping students, both current and prospective, in whatever way we can so they can take experiences and turn them into outcomes,” Godfrey said.

The Office of Admissions will continue to adjust and move forward in providing prospective students with informational services despite the new remote working conditions.