LVC meme account has great success since last year

By Page Olsen ’20, staff writer

Current students and alumni have enjoyed memes specific to Lebanon Valley College on the Instagram page “lvc_memes” since the beginning of 2019.

The majority of the page’s content is created by students, direct messaged to the account, then posted. The memes have been passed around not only through the Internet, but in classrooms, causing many laughs. Subjects of the memes include Metz, the new bridge, booking study rooms and the Wifi.

Most of the account’s followers do not know who is responsible for the account. With the promise of keeping them anonymous, the student behind lvc_memes responded to some questions.

“Only a few people know my identity,” they said. “I try to keep myself as under the radar as possible.”

Prior to coming to LVC, the creator made memes specific to their high school that became popular. After telling this to a friend, the friend encouraged them to make lvc_memes.

“I did not have any content at first, but a few people who followed the account sent me memes they made and inspired me to push forward and try to grow the account,” they said.

Having over 1300 followers and posts with hundreds of likes, the Instagram page is loved by many. Some of the memes criticize the school, yet these are the ones followers often enjoy the most.

“Some content has been a bit controversial in the past, but I post what I like, and I enjoy what I do,” they said. “If someone doesn’t like it then I’m sorry, but I can’t always please everyone. I have found that the most controversial content is also the most liked content.”

The student admitted that they will eventually step down from running the account, but this does not mean the page will come to an end.

“I have considered finding a successor that can take over the page after I graduate,” they said. “I would like to see that I have created something that can outlive me and that I will leave my mark on LVC.”

When asked if there was anything they wanted to add to their comments, the student expressed gratitude for the success the account has had.

“I’d just like to say that I really appreciate everyone’s support over the last year,” they said. “I never expected the page to grow as much as it did and it means a lot to me.”

The student is open to feedback and suggestions for the page, as the account is “for the students, by the students.” They can be reached through direct messaging on Instagram.