A Change For NSSHLA

Lauren Mays `21, staff writer

The National Student Speech Hearing and Language Association (NSSHLA) now open to all majors

NSSHLA has been a part of campus since the introduction of the Speech-Language Pathology major to LVC. The club has been integral to the SLP department, providing opportunities in leadership, experience, and community service.

The club has recently opened membership to students outside the major as well.

“A lot of the patients we see have a lot of overlap with other professions. By opening the club to other majors, we’re trying to build relationships and foster collaboration.”

Tina Messner, a junior SLP major and club president, said when asked why the change was made.

For those interested in joining the club, a volunteer opportunity will take place on Feb. 20 at Londonderry Village. Students who attend will play bingo with the residents.