PT Majors Respond

To the Editor:

As members of the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Class of 2020, we collectively would like to
respond to the article posted on December 2nd, 2019, titled “Liberal Arts Majors Matter Too, Mr.

Every Lebanon Valley College student in every major has the potential to make a difference…
Those that graduate from the LVC Physical Therapy program make a difference.
– This difference is shown by the patient who walks after the severe spinal cord injury that
hindered their ability to move.
– This difference is shown by the patient with debilitating pain that limited their ability to
perform everyday tasks but now functions pain free.
– This difference is shown by the happy tears of a mother who sees their child limited by a
congenital disease take their first steps with our help.

We believe that the author of this article made points that falsely represent the LVC Physical
Therapy program, and poorly reflect upon the differences that the students enrolled in our
program can make.

The following statement was referenced in the article:
“LVC’s liberal arts students are thriving while many physical therapy students are
struggling to make it to next semester. No, this is not due to the different levels of
difficulty, but simply because The College chose the wrong people to meet its quota.”

This quote seems to be based without fact, and poorly articulates the points the article was
intended to make. Although the article touches on the lack of funding for the humanities, the
choice of the author to degrade the students enrolled in the physical therapy program is a major
flaw. This quote ultimately disrespects the efforts put into this program by students and faculty.

Your “comparison” of physical therapy majors to liberal arts majors was only made as an
attempt to divide, when we should be united in a front to display inclusive excellence within our
campus community.

Every member of the college community matters. Every student in all the majors that LVC
sponsors has something positive to contribute to the success of the college community, and
the world we enter when we graduate.

We have been members of the Lebanon Valley College community for six years, and for the last
six years we have grown to love our school. We have contributed positively to the Lebanon
Valley College community throughout the time that we have spent on campus. We have
participated in an undergraduate curriculum based on the foundation of liberal arts. We uphold
the mission and values that LVC strives to achieve.

“Lebanon Valley College delivers a transformative education built on the liberal arts. We
develop students who think critically and creatively across boundaries; who solve
complex problems; who communicate effectively; and who value differences among
human beings. Our graduates are empowered to pursue a life of learning, citizenship, and

Your criticism and degradation of the students in one major does not elevate the perceived value
of others. The above-referenced points failed to positively contribute to the underlying argument
that the paper should have been focused on and was in poor taste to LVC and the many physical
therapy students that call this campus home.

Members of LVC’s DPT Class of 2020