Liberal arts majors matter too, Mr. Dutchman

By Huntre Keip ’20 Editor in Chief

It costs $57,110.00 for an undergraduate student to attend Lebanon Valley College. For every student, this is a hefty price tag, but the value of the education is worth the price. On campus, there are the physical therapy students and everyone else; however, it’s the liberal arts students who take every hit the hardest.

With this in mind, is the liberal arts education that LVC provides really that worth it?

When current LVC liberal arts majors are asked the question, they would all agree their education is worth every penny, but it’s not The College keeping them here – it’s their own motivational drive and the constant help from the professors.

The Humanities building is the oldest building on this campus. Its history is marked by the Annville Historical Society. However, when a prospective student takes a campus tour, the word ‘humanities’ isn’t even uttered. What goes on behind the old classroom walls is silenced by the new building approximately 1.5 miles away.

This liberal arts college is being transformed into a physical science one. There is no denying the level of talent the physical therapy graduates exhibit, but there must also be equal gratitude to the alumni with bachelor of arts degrees too.

LVC’s liberal arts students are thriving while many physical therapy students are struggling to make it to the next semester. No, this is not due to the different levels of difficulty, but simply because The College chose the wrong people to meet its quota.

The Humanities building’s doors do not lock and the elevator is from 1962 while LVC’s latest gold mine has Starbucks to-go and hallways that can store baby elephants.

Each year, the level of disrespect increases as well as the increasing amount of debt The College is accumulating to pull off its fake front.

Upon entering college, every high school student receives the same lecture – college is a wakeup call and you must prepare for it. Now, it’s time for LVC to receive its wakeup before this façade fades.