Brave Zone at LVC

The new Brave Zone Logo, which includes the brown and black stripes in the LGBTQ+ Pride flag.

Autumn Light ’20, Staff Writer

LVC offers many on-campus groups and organizations that promote inclusivity and understanding for marginalized groups, one of which is Brave Zone.

Brave Zone is a campus organization under LVC’s Office of Intercultural Affairs and Inclusive Programming. Its members and trainees are dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ community by standing up for them as well as combating bias and discrimination.

“Brave Zone is an educational, inquisitive, and supportive space,” Dr. Holly Wendt, assistant professor of English, director of Creative Writing, co-chair of the Committee for Inclusive and Intercultural Learning and Brave Zone training co-facilitator, said. “The trainings are opportunities for attendees to learn more about the LGBT+ community, to learn how to be an ally and an advocate, and to help find and strengthen a sense of community and inclusion.”

The education that Brave Zone training provides often discusses issues and perspectives that otherwise might be silenced or hard to find. Brave Zone is dedicated to building a campus-wide community that is inclusive to and safe for all gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, sexual attractions and romantic attractions.

“I hope that everyone will take away that it’s okay to ask questions and to keep learning,” Wendt said. “Both allies and members of the LGBT+ community have opportunities to enlarge their understanding, especially regarding the intersections of LGBT+ identities and other identities. Everyone’s experience is different, so listening is a really good skill to practice. Use your privilege to make space for other voices at the table.”

Students and faculty who wish to learn more about Brave Zone should contact Wendt at or Tyler Cox, Associate Director of Intercultural Affairs and Inclusive Programming, at The next Brave Zone training session for LVC students will be on Nov. 2.