Campus organization leads to career

By Page Olsen ’20, Staff Writer

A campus organization directed LVC graduate Taylor Kauffman to her current career.

Kauffman graduated in December of 2017 with a Spanish major and global studies minor. Throughout her time at LVC, Kaufmann was involved in DiscipleMakers, a Christian ministry organization with branches at multiple campuses. Upon graduation, she already knew that she wanted to work for them.

“I interned with DiscipleMakers in 2016 at Penn State Main Campus and decided that I wanted to do it full time,” Kauffman said. “It involves leading Bible studies on Penn State University Main, leading our freshman and sophomore groups which teach students how to study the Bible and meeting with students one on one to help them out where they need it. We call this discipleship.”

Though her major is not directly related to her current field, Kauffman expressed how her experience at LVC benefited her, outside of connecting her to DiscipleMakers.

“My classes prepared me by teaching how to think critically and solve problems,” Kauffman said. “My classes also taught me how to interact and build friendships with those who are different than me,”

When asked for advice for current LVC seniors, Kauffman encouraged them to enjoy this last year.

“I know everyone says this, but don’t wish the last year away. Spend time with your friends, do well in your classes and continue to make LVC better.”

Kauffman is one of many students who made connections at LVC that ultimately led them to a job.

Photo provided by Taylor Kauffman