Benesch to restart pre-law club

By Claire Fitzgibbons ’19, Staff Writer

LVC has re-established pre-law club for students interested in pursuing law as a career.

The club, which is for any students at LVC considering going to law school, will meet once per month. It will provide members study groups and social venues, as well as visits to law schools and guest speakers working in law-related fields.

Dr. Philip Benesch, LVC’s associate professor of politics, director of pre-law and director of external scholarships & fellowships, feels that the club will be an incredibly helpful resource for students looking to attend law school after graduation.

“It can be quite isolating if you are applying for law school by yourself and without a supportive group,” Benesch said. “Students benefit from sharing advice and studying in groups, because there’s a mutual reinforcement of their efforts.”

Besides giving students the opportunity to research law schools and learn more about law as a job field, pre-law club will also provide resources for students to prepare for the LSAT, and get in contact with law schools throughout Pennsylvania. In turn, these law schools will let students know about any information sessions or open houses that they host.

Senior Kylee Petritsch, who will serve as President of the club, thinks that these services will help guide students looking to get into law school.

“I think it’s a great idea to re-start pre-law club here at LVC,” she said. “It’ll give students direct contact with practicing attorneys who have gone through the process of law school that we will all be going through in the near future.”

Benesch hopes that ultimately, pre-law club will entice more students to consider law as a career.

“I’m very hopeful that there will be even greater interest in pre-law as an area of study,” he said. “It’s a wonderful field that gives students a variety of career opportunities.”

Those interested in joining the club can contact Petritsch at, or attend the club’s first meeting on Friday, October 18, at 5 P.M. in the common area of the Allan W. Mund College Center.