Sneak preview of LVC’s “Godspell”

By Autumn Light ’20
Staff Writer

Coming this October, LVC’s Wig and Buckle Theater Company’s fall show is the musical “Godspell,” which was written in the spring of 1971 by Stephen Schwartz.

Directed by music major and President of Wig and Buckle Theater Company, Hannah Gale, LVC’s “Godspell” is a playful and refreshing telling of the parables of Jesus from the gospel of Matthew. LVC students will portray high school students who are meeting to reenact the final days of Jesus’s life.

“Though “Godspell” has a biblical background, [that] doesn’t mean it’s just a Bible story,” Gale said. “’Godspell’ incorporates the evolution of music, history, and human nature. Most of the content taught in the show is still very prevalent to this day.”

This musical is based on Christianity and Jesus’ parables, is fit for viewers of all ages and backgrounds. The stories, through comedy, have meaningful lessons that even modern audiences can be eager to learn.

“The LVC Community values the idea of inclusion and variety,” Gale said. “I have cast members of multiple majors such as chemistry, history , physical therapy, creative writing, music education, [and] early childhood education. ‘Godspell’ brings together a community of individuals as one, and that’s what I am portraying.”

Although the cast and crew have not been together very long, they have already created meaningful bonds and have made big steps into the marathon that goes into the building of a musical. In these early stages, both the director and executive director are very pleased with the cast and crew, as they are very enthusiastic about their roles in the show.

“In a play that’s about forging a community that lives together in harmony and love, right from the first time we got people up on stage at the [end of] callbacks,… it was obvious almost from the get-go that this group of people really got along well and cared with each other,” Dr. Kevin Pry, executive director of Wig and Buckle Theater Company and associate professor of English, said.

Even though the play is primarily about Jesus and his parables, a key understanding of the impact that Jesus had on a significant portion of the world is clearly evident. Show-goers, though not expected to convert to Christianity, will learn the simplistically difficult teachings of loving you neighbor and practicing the golden rule.

“The story of Jesus putting together His followers, which is what “Godspell” really is.” Pry said. “It’s the spell of His imagination and what He stands for and His godliness that turns these people into a community, a community that continues after His death…He persuades these people to love one another and to keep them loving other people, and even when He’s no longer there, they still keep going.”

The directors and staff are already excited to show the LVC community the hard work they have put into making the musical.

“The show is going great,” Gale said. “I have an energetic, hardworking and eager cast who is ready to bring the house down. They are really embracing their characters even so early on in the process.”

Those interested in the show can come out to see “Godspell” on Oct. 25 and Nov. 1 in Leedy Theater inside the Allan W. Mund College Center.