LVC Seniors Begin with Youth Advocate Programs

By Jake Leamer ’20, Staff Writer

As part of a continued relationship between LVC and Youth Advocate Programs (YAP) in Lebanon, LVC senior criminal justice and sociology majors began working alongside the program last week.

In operation as a non-profit organization since 1975, Youth Advocate Programs can be found in 26 states across the country.  Youth Advocate Programs look to provide families and individuals with alternative and educational services to help them lead successful lives.  YAP does this by sitting down with families new to the program and getting to know them personally, later developing a plan for success unique to the individual and family.  Working closely with the youth enrolled in the program, the members of YAP who are tasked with putting these plans into effect are referred to as “Advocates.”

This fall semester, LVC senior criminal justice and sociology majors will be working hand-in-hand with YAP’s “Advocates” to teach lessons and engage with youths in the program, all while having fun and building meaningful relationships in the process.

“I’m excited to be working with YAP this semester because it’s a new and challenging experience,” Austin Hildebrand, a senior criminal justice major, said.  “As someone who wants to be a future police officer, I think this is a great opportunity to be able to work with a wide variety of people.  If I’m able to make a positive impact on the kids, I’ll be very happy.”

This semester is sure to be full of memories and useful experiences that the senior criminal justice and sociology majors will carry with them into the work force after they graduate.

For more information about Youth Advocate Programs, Inc., click here.