Lads of Annville

By Keegan Corwell ’21 Staff Writer

If a student has walked through Arnold Sports Center, or into the athletic training room, then chances are they have run into some friendly new faces.
Throughout the fall semester, Lee Sherlock, and Eoin Sheridan, two athletic training students from Dublin City University, have worked side by side with the LVC athletic training staff providing care and treatment for LVC athletes.

The Irish duo came to LVC this semester to fulfill work placement that is required in order to complete their degrees at Dublin City. Although the two now share a passion for the profession, their paths to athletic training were quite different.

Sherlock, a former champion basketball player, did not let the end of his playing career keep him away from sports. “I’ve always had a big interest in sports, I’ve had a lot of injuries myself,” Lee Sherlock, athletic trainer, said. “I’ve met a lot of athletic trainers, and I was always interested in what they do.”

Sheridan, on the other hand, was a European discus qualifier. Simply put, “I enjoy sports,” Eoin Sheridan, athletic trainer, said.

Although they have come from different backgrounds, the two now share LVC as a common bond.

“My favorite thing about Annville is the Batdorf,” Sherlock said. “Mine, Keegan,” Sheridan said.

The dynamic team is only set to be on campus until late November when their requirements will be filled. If you have the chance stop by and say hello before these fantastic Dutchmen say goodbye to LVC and head home.