Helpful hints for incoming Dutchmen

By Brianna Metsger ’19

Assistant Editor


College is a place where students can explore and strengthen their skills and passions through academics, personal growth, social involvement, athletics and so much more.

The transition from high school to LVC is, without a doubt, an exciting experience. Here are some helpful hints for incoming Dutchmen in order to make the transition a little less overwhelming!

Utilize Redbook! Redbook is basically an online signup sheet for events at LVC. Some events include free or reduced-price trips to local or out-of-town hot spots, exciting volunteer opportunities and events across campus. Redbook can be found by visiting MyLVC.

IT tips: to login to the WiFi on your smartphone, laptop, gaming device or practically anything that can reach the internet, open one’s network settings and connect to “LVC Wireless.” This should prompt a browser to enter an LVC login information to access the WiFi. The steps are pretty straightforward on the website, but if electronics do not connect, try asking the experts at IT – (717)867-6072.

Keep in touch with home, but don’t overdo it. Just remember that you have a whole new campus to explore and socialize at! It never hurts to make even more friends or feel at home in your dorm. However, don’t forget to send a text or call home!

Make friends with your RAs. Resident Assistants are trained to handle situations that may occur in residential spaces: roommate disagreements, homesickness and practically any concern a resident may have. RAs wants students to make the most out of a residential experience.

Get to know your professors. At LVC, the student-to-faculty ratio is about 10:1. This means classes will most likely be intimate and on the smaller side. Professors want to see students succeed; they can also help with tutoring and counseling services!

Keep track of meal swipes and flex dollars. With a meal plan, you have at least 100 meal swipes per semester and $100 in flex dollars, excluding commuter plans. Flex dollars are money that is linked to your LVC ID that can be used specifically at LVC dining locations. A new feature was added this semester that allows students to purchase and utilize off-campus flex dollars to be used at local businesses in Annville. Regardless of how one spends it, be sure to keep track of how many meal swipes and flex dollars you use; they usually deplete quickly.

Don’t stress about prints. Each student is limited to 1,500 prints per semester. Unless you print every single PowerPoint, this number is generous. If you do manage to exceed the limit, you can purchase additional prints.

Get involved but know your limits. LVC has so many clubs and organizations to choose from to get involved on campus. From student government to Greek Life, athletics to the student newspaper(!), LVC has a lot to offer.

Start a routine. The transition from high school to college can be somewhat overwhelming. Starting a routine and sticking to it can help make things feel more organized and less chaotic. Practice time management, use a planner, wake up every day at the same time or get to class a little ahead of schedule. Try not to skip class.

Park only where your tag allows, or you will be ticketed. LVC is divided into north and south campuses by railroad tracks. The north side accommodates parking for residential students while the south side houses the residential areas. Residential students must park on the north side of campus unless otherwise approved. Violations of parking rules will result in parking fines starting at $30.