DigiCom takes on Deloitte

By Shayla Aponte ’19 Staff Writer

Three seniors in the digital communications department received the opportunity to work for a fortune 500 company that loves bringing in new students from LVC.

Digital communication majors Alexis Shriner, Maya Calderwood and Andrew Boehme accepted positions at Deloitte, one of the largest global consulting companies for marketing in the world, during the fall semester. One of the branches is located in Mechanicsburg where these students work.

Alexis Shriner will be a Solutions Analyst in the Digital Design and Innovation Department.

“My role at Deloitte would entail designing user-friendly interfaces for client’s webpages, as well as graphics for those pages,” Shriner said. “DigiCom prepared me for this role by incorporating interdisciplinary studies into our required curriculum. My concentration has always been design, however, if it weren’t for my user experience classes, I wouldn’t have the skillset that I acquired which landed me the job offer.”

Maya Calderwood will be a Solutions Analyst in Mechanicsburg as well.

“My job includes designing, building and testing software,” Calderwood said. “ I will be working with different programming languages which I have learned through DCOM coursework.”

Andrew Boehme will be a Multimedia Services Consultant in the Human Capital branch.

“I will help in terms of developing digitally-enabled training and communications, supporting diverse work including, but not limited to: infographics, animated videos, video editing and training/learning materials design,” Boehme said. “ I would be working in programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects and Audition.”

The three seniors are excited to use their digital communications skills during their post-graduation careers. Students in the digital communications major have the opportunity to venture in various fields, depending on their concentration.

Deloitte is known for having an interest in the digital communications department and is excited to see what the soon-to-be graduates will accomplish during the first months of their careers.