Mock Interview Mania

By: Brianna Metsger ’19

Copy Editor

LVC’s Edward and Lynn Breen Center for Graduate Success hosted Mock Interview Mania for students interested in gaining interview skills on March 18-22. The annual program includes a practice interview with LVC alumni who have entered the professional world and hope to give advice to students as they plan their careers.

“I was asked questions relating to my field of study that were similar to questions I was asked in real interviews,” Eryn Somers, senior early childhood and special education major, said.

The interviews were scheduled in one-hour time slots throughout the week. Each day meant a new interviewer from a local company, and students scheduled for the same day would meet with the same interviewer. About half of the one-hour time slot would be allotted for the mock interview, and the other half would consist of critiques on performance, resume advice and a Q&A for any questions each student had for the interviewer.

“It was fantastic to gain experience,” Kurt Harnish, junior English major, said. “I think the process of the mock interview will pay off when I have real interviews in the professional world.”

Upperclassmen who participated in the process encourage underclassmen to get involved as soon as possible to give themselves early practice and preparation.

“I think more practice with interviews as an underclassman would have helped me to be better prepared when being interviewed for jobs as a senior,” Somers said.

Students who have experienced the process also recommend signing up for Mock Interview Mania in the future.

“I recommend all students participate in this process whether they get nervous about interviews or not because it helps prepare you for real-world situations,” Harnish said.

For more information about Mock Interview Mania, contact the Breen Center at or 717-867-6560.