C.R.E.W. Film Screening

By: Raeann Walquist ’20, staff writer

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, C.R.E.W. and SARCC will cosponsor a showing of the Film, The Rape of Recy Taylor, on April, 16, at 7 p.m. at the Allen Theater.

The film details the story of a woman of color named Recy Taylor who was violently assaulted by six white men, an unfortunately frequent occurrence in the south during the 1940s.  

Taylor sparked many political movements regarding racial issues and violence against women of color. C.R.E.W. and SARCC hope to shed light on these major intersections of identity and the horrific acts that still take place today.

“This film is very informational in regards to violence against women of color,” Lauren Sigmon, a C.R.E.W. member, said. “It opens a dialogue for these issues that will empower people to eliminate and be aware of issues that they do not face every day.”

In addition to the film screening, C.R.E.W. and SARCC will sponsor the annual sexual assault vigil in support of survivors of sexual assault.

“We also plan to increase sexual assault awareness with writing in chalk on the sidewalks around campus to promote consent and healthy relationships,” Sigmon said.

Students interested in sexual assault awareness, C.R.E.W. training or those with any questions may contact Lauren Sigmon at ls006@lvc.edu.

The film screening is free for LVC students and staff.