Mock Interview Mania returns

By: Faith Ishler ’20, staff writer

The Edward and Lynn Breen Center for Graduate Success will host the spring 2019 Mock Interview Mania Week on Monday, March 18 through Friday, March 22.

The mock interviews give students the opportunity to meet with experienced employers to help develop their interview skills and professional etiquette. Students will be able to prepare a list of questions that they would like to ask their target employer. The interviewer will take time at the end of the interview to provide feedback on the entire experience.

“We encourage students of all class years and all majors to consider participating in a mock interview,” Brynn Mason, assistant director of career development, said. “It provides the students with an opportunity to gain interview experience and receive on-the-spot feedback and constructive criticism to help them be better prepared for those job, internship and graduate school interviews.”

To prepare for this interview, it will be important for students to act as if it were a real interview in their target industry. Students should make sure to dress and act professionally during the interview.

Spring 2016 was the first Mock Interview Mania Week at LVC, and students have had positive feedback from their experiences ever since.

“I had a great experience in my mock interview,” Megan Finlan, a sophomore English major, said. “My interviewer really made it feel like I was in an actual interview and her feedback at the end will definitely be useful when I’m preparing for interviews in the future. I would definitely participate in another mock interview in the future.”

This experience is a great way for students to build confidence in answering interview questions and mastering skills like a confident handshake, making good eye contact and sitting with good posture.

For additional information or questions about the Mock Interview Mania Week, contact the Breen Center at or 867-6560.