Hoops and hot dogs

Jared Kramp ’19, Staff Writer

The annual Hot Dog Frank Day at Lebanon Valley College is right around the corner.

Hot Dog Frank Day at Lebanon Valley College is a tradition that began in 1986.  To many, it may seem like just another basketball game at The Valley and one during which the crowd gets free hot dogs.  However, the day is in fact much more than that, as members of the LVC community are honored with the Hot Dog Frank Athletic Service Award each year.

“As a student, I knew the story of Hot Dog Frank, but I wasn’t aware that there was a respected award given each year to highlight supporters of LVC athletics,” Beth Julian ’09, Director of the Center for Writing and Tutoring Resources and Adjunct Instructor in English said. “Once you get the award, you are invited back each year to celebrate the new recipient(s), which is a really enjoyable and honored tradition.”

Frank Aftosmes, known as Hot Dog Frank, was a local businessman in Annville and a strong supporter of LVC Athletics, especially men’s basketball.  Because of Aftosmes’ great support of LVC Athletics for many years, the Hot Dog Frank Athletic Service Award was established in 1986 as a great honor to someone who devotes a great deal of time and effort for LVC sports programs.

Jim Monos, former LVC Head Football Coach and all-time leader in wins, along with his wife Mary Ellen, received the award in 2016.  When asked how it felt to be recognized through the Hot Dog Frank Athletic Service Award, Monos had this to say.

“Mary Ellen and I were very honored to receive the Hot Dog Frank Award,” Monos said.  “I met Hot Dog Frank back in 1986 when I was first hired as the Head Football Coach at Lebanon Valley College.  We bonded over the years and as I look back on those times, I realize that we shared the same love for the school and the students at LVC.  That’s why we were so proud to receive this honor in his name.”

Beth Julian ’09, received the Hot Dog Frank award along with her supervisor Shannon Brandt, Assistant Dean of Academic Success.  Both Beth and Shannon play crucial roles in the success of students at LVC, especially in their help to student-athletes and the balancing of their busy academic and athletic schedules.

“On the surface level, it feels nice to be recognized for the hard work you do, but the real satisfaction is watching a student you’ve worked closely with cross the stage to get a diploma,” Julian said.  “The best part of this award is that it serves as a reminder to LVC students that there are many individuals – in our community and beyond – cheering them on to success both on and off the court.”

While there is a greater meaning to Hot Dog Frank Day than simply being a day for basketball and free hot dogs, both play a big role in making the day so eventful.

Both the men and women play Arcadia University on Saturday, Feb. 9 at 2 and 4 p.m. respectively. The Hot Dog Frank Athletic Service Award will be presented at halftime of the men’s game and free hot dogs will be available between games.