Museum internship opportunity

By: Courtney Mengel ’19, staff writer 

LVC’s Art & Visual Culture department seeks an intern for the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery.    

Internships provide students with experience and practical knowledge in a field that interests them. Additionally, an internship is a fantastic way to build a resume and set a student apart, either when applying for jobs or applying to graduate school.

Since  the fall of 2011, the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery has offered an internship opportunity under the direction of Dr. Barbara McNulty, director of the Gallery. The internship is a six-credit course and involves an 18 hour per week commitment.  

 “Traditionally, the internship has been offered to majors and minors in the Art & Visual Culture department,” McNulty said. “However, we are at a point where we would like to open this to others who might like to have this rich experience.” 

Each week, the intern will submit a journal which details all work completed on behalf of the Gallery and the learning experience gained from the tasks. The Gallery intern will have several responsibilities throughout the semester. Using  InDesign, the intern will create flyers and post on social media to promote Gallery events. The intern will have the opportunity to research, write labels and learn the process of installation and de-installation.  

 “The most rewarding part of the internship is knowing that, due to the broad range of experience the internship provides in aspects of curation, installation, promotion and fundraising, interns will be able to competently and confidently perform most responsibilities found in future museum and gallery positions,” Rebecca Worhach ’16, current Gallery assistant and past Gallery intern, said. 

 However, depending on the intern’s interests, the responsibilities may vary.  

 “We are happy to tailor the experience to suit the student’s needs,” McNulty said. “For example, a student who was interested in curating was given the opportunity to go to Mexico to experience and research the celebration Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and then helped to plan an exhibition for the following year.” 

 For more information regarding the Gallery internship, students should contact Dr. McNulty at