Revised recommendations reported, faculty vote to occur

By: Cassandra Barrett ’19, editor-in-chief

The Executive Committee of the Lebanon Valley College Board of Trustees directed the administration and faculty to work cooperatively to achieve the goal of reducing $1.6 million from academic and organizational costs.

The faculty task force, comprised of Patrick Brewer, associate professor of actuarial science; Treva Clark, associate professor of business administration; Deanna Dodson, professor of psychology; Christopher Heffner, associate professor of music; Jennifer Kanupka, associate professor of education; Walter Patton, associate professor of chemistry; and Grant Taylor, professor of art and visual culture, reported its second draft of recommendations to the faculty on Thursday, Nov. 1.

The second report recommends the elimination of French, German, philosophy and religion majors. The early retirement incentive for full-time faculty is expected to produce a savings of nearly $320,000, and involuntary separations of faculty members are estimated to save the College nearly $420,000.

Other additions to the recommendations report include the consolidation of global studies and international business majors into a new program, as well as the reconfiguration of the art and visual culture program to focus on studio art and art therapy. Changes to Constellation LVC also made the list of recommendations, and these suggested alterations are being discussed with the general education committee.

The final faculty endorsement vote is slated to take place on Thursday, Nov. 29, at the Faculty Business Meeting. Two faculty meetings are scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 8 and 15, for final faculty input and discussion before the endorsement vote on Nov. 29. The recommendation report is subject to change before the Faculty Business Meeting but will be final on voting day.