Always a Dutchman: Light lighting it up

By Mason Green ’22, staff writer

For college athletes, extending their careers to the professional level is an exceptional achievement that is seldomly accomplished, particularly at smaller schools such as LVC.

2018 graduate Sam Light finished off one of the most historic senior seasons for any LVC basketball player, racking up multiple honors. But he is not stopping there; Light defined the odds earlier this fall by signing an overseas professional basketball contract with the Spanish team, Araberri.

The Spanish team is a member of the LEB Oro league, a highly competitive league in Europe. With the help of his trainer and mentor, Andy Panko, former LVC men’s basketball player, Light is able to continue his career at one of the highest levels.

“It feels like a dream come true to have an opportunity to play professionally anywhere,” Light said. “I knew I always wanted to play professionally overseas since I was in seventh grade.”

Light looks to begin his professional career with a good start and eager mindset as Araberri started its regular season in late September.


Photo provided by: LVC Athletic Communications