Colloquium series continues

By La Vie Staff Writer

Dr. Lorgia Garcia Pena, Harvard University, will present a talk titled “The Power Dynamics of Citizenship, Borders, Migration, and Race” on Sept. 28, in the Bishop Library Atrium from 4-5p.m.

In her book, The Borders of Dominicandad: Race, Nations and Archives of Contradictions (2016), Dr. Pena explores the impact of stories, both historical and fictional, on the national and racial identity of people. Offering the Dominican experience case study, her book shows how the stories of a nation create marginality through acts of exclusion that are linked to the tensions between colonial desire and the aspiration for political independence.

She is especially interested in how black Latin American migrants and their descendants grapple with various racial systems to find ways to translate racial meaning across national contexts while carving a space of belonging and representation within the nation(s) that often exclude them.

The event is free and open to the public.


Photo provided by: Harvard University