Rapping professor visits LVC

Dr. Aaron Smith Courtesy Temple University

By Martin Kemper ’20, staff writer

“The Rapping Professor” came to Lebanon Valley College as part of the colloquium series to give a talk on race, social justice and black empowerment.

Dr. Aaron Smith, assistant professor of instruction of Africanology and African American Studies, spoke on issues of race and history within society and academia. Smith started his talk with an explanation of his “Rapping Professor Title” before jumping into a verse by the philosopher Meek Mill.

Held in the Susan H. Arnold Art Gallery, the room was about half full of students and faculty. When Dr. Smith asked the audience questions with regards to racial superiority in America, the room was quiet.

The central point to his thesis is that African culture and historical significance has been disregarded and eliminated by society and academia. Additionally, Smith believes that honest dialogue about issues such as race, orientation and gender is the only way for society to move past our current social and political challenges.

Smith managed to work in a variety of material in an engaging and tactful way, with topics ranging from the founding father to architectural and modern societal norms.

At the conclusion of the talk, Smith explained his hope and desire for the younger generations to engage with one another and move society in a more progressive direction.