Capstone talks innovation

By Alexa Bash ’19, staff writer

The seniors of digital communications were able to pitch final ideas to professor Mathew Samuel, associate professor of design, media and technology, in their capstone class last week.

During the class, students were separated into multiple groups to develop a solution to an everyday problem, which they defined. The Capstone course is a two-semester process in which students will build a business plan, prototypes and presentation to show their studies at the end of the year at Inquiry.

“I think it’s exciting and scary to think that a little idea now will be a huge project by the end of the year,” Teddy Denver, a senior digital communications student, said.

Last week was the completion of their first step in a long process.

“My group got some pretty positive feedback from our peers and we’re waiting to get the final approval from the department,” Lexi Shriner, a senior digital communications major, said. “I’m really looking forward to using the skills I’ve acquired through digital communication classes the past few years and applying them to a year-long product development project. I’m very excited to see what everyone produces.”

Students wait patiently for the approval of their ideas so that they can continue their research and develop business plans. At the end of the spring semester, students are encouraged to attend Inquiry and see what these students created in this course.