3 down, 2 to go

Natale, during his days of throwing for the LVC Track and Field team.

Kurt Harnish

Staff Writer ’20

The 2018 graduating class is filled with many accomplished students; several will continue their education with graduate school; Ryan Natale is one of these students.

Ryan Natale is a senior athletic training major and a member of the first athletic training class ever to graduate from LVC.

“I think it is just cool to say that you are the first ones to do something,” Natale said. “It is also exciting to know that no one else has ever done this and that all of the other classes will look up to us for advice and help.”

The athletic training program is rigorous; it consists of a 3+2 system which means that after three years the students graduate with an exercise science degree and continue on for their master’s in athletic training. The program offers shadowing opportunities, and upon graduation, students must take board exams to become certified athletic trainers.

“There are only eight of us students in the program,” Natale said. “We all remain close and will help each other prep for the board exams we have to take when we graduate.”

Most of the athletic training majors are looking forward to the next two years of school.

“I am excited to be going on for the next two years because I will finally be learning all of the more in depth and hands on parts of being an AT,” Natale said. “There is a level of calmness knowing that I get to stay at the same school, but I am also a little nervous because it becomes harder and I have to move into my own apartment.”

Graduate school is a huge decision for some people and very academically challenging. Graduate school at LVC is no different and Natale is ready to start the next part of his career journey.

“The most exciting parts of grad school will be no more general education classes, finally graduating and the five internships we have,” Natale said.

Natale, is looking to finish this year strong and carry this momentum into graduate school.