International love

By: Maddie Noonan ’19, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year were celebrated Feb. 15 by the Global Education Club in Lebegern Learning Commons, where the international students participated in exchanging valentines and conversed about the different holidays celebrated in their home countries.

“Valentine’s Day happens around the same time as Korean Lunar New Year, but the two holidays are very different,” Hyeri Cho (Sally Cho), a freshman international business major, said. “Valentine’s Day is centered around couples and love, but Lunar New Year is more family oriented. Families in South Korea will begin the holiday by bowing to their ancestors. Once that is done, we eat rice cake soup to symbolize another year on earth.”

The Global Education Club is an active and engaging organization that consists of international students, students that have studied abroad or students that celebrate diversity on campus. This club works to enrich, strengthen and advocate for international education and culture exchange.

“I’ve always had a passion for international cultures,” Devon Malloy, a junior global studies and digital communications major, said. “This organization allows for us to celebrate one another’s different cultures. Today we are celebrating Valentine’s Day, but a few of the Korean students are celebrating Lunar New Year as well.”

The upcoming International Food Festival is the biggest event of the year for the Global Education Club. Representatives from different countries prepare an authentic meal from their home country.

“I saw Lebanon Valley College’s international program posted on the Saudi Arabia website,” Wael Alhamad, a junior digital communications major, said. I really enjoy being apart of this club and look forward to cooking a meal from my country for the students on campus.”

Typically, there are 25 to 30 countries that are represented at the Food Festival. International students, students that have studied abroad and faculty with native ties to a foreign country will participate in this festival.

The International Food Festival will take place on April 4. from 4 – 6 p.m. in Lebegern. Students interested in experiencing the different cultures that exist on campus should mark the festival on their calendar.