Refreshed and ready for the semester

Photo provided by Theresa Messenger

Refreshed and ready for the semester
Cassandra Barrett ’19
Staff writer

It wasn’t just business at the Student Government spring retreat.

The elected members of Student Government met on Sunday, Jan. 21 at Rocky Springs Entertainment in Lancaster to discuss concerns raised by the student body and to identify Student Government’s goals for the semester.

Theresa Messenger, a senior digital communications and English double major, and president of Student Government, said that the retreat is an important time for the group of students to come together and refocus themselves as the semester begins.

“Every week our members are focused on coming up with new ideas to create a more cohesive student body and maintain a strong campus community,” Messenger said. “The retreat is a good opportunity to come together as a group and build and strong connection amongst ourselves that we can try to then implement through to the rest of the campus.”

After their meeting concluded, the members enjoyed an afternoon of bowling that fostered the friendships necessary for Student Government to operate efficiently and effectively.

Messenger and the rest of Student Government returned to campus refreshed and focused, and ready to conquer the spring semester.

Students can bring questions and concerns to Student Government representatives during office hours Monday-Thursday from 5 p.m.- 8 p.m., located in Allan W. Mund College Center.