Realization and Development Abroad

Photo provided by: Devon Malloy

Janessa Cruz ‘19


For some looking to study abroad, it may be to just to check off a box on their bucket list, but for Devon Malloy, a junior digital communications and global studies double major, the experience broadened her skillset as a designer and student.

 Traveling abroad in Germany and the Netherlands allowed Malloy to explore the idea of designing across borders.

“I was constantly designing fun little projects while I was traveling, using design as a way to reflect on what I was learning about culture and language,” Malloy said. “By doing that while experiencing different cultures, I believe I returned to LVC with a better understanding of how to design for diverse audiences.”

Malloy took several classes, but her favorite was “Architecture in Berlin” where her class replaced in-class meetings with walks around the city. “It was a great combination of architecture and history all in one course and allowed me to better get to know my second home.”Malloy faced a gut-wrenching experience when she visited Auschwitz.

“There was a pit in my stomach all day, and quite a lot of tears shed. Being at the camps was heart-wrenching,” Malloy said. “Through this experience, I also realized that as a white, Christian, female, I never would have been in danger of being brought to this camp. This simple fact made me question which side of history I would have stood on, had I been alive then.”

Wondering what Malloy would have done then made her aware of how important it is to stand up for what she believes in, and helped her realize that it is incredibly important to use the voice you were given to make a difference.

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